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Property is our passion, it’s what we do best and we apply our authentic and honest approach to delivering on our clients’ needs. We envisage every home and client as a small business that needs our professional advice and support in order to thrive. We go the extra mile to ensure that every home is matched with the right person and people feel they belong.

We are highly trained professionals who are renowned for giving our clients total peace of mind. We lead the industry in our diligence, attitude and results.

Switch your property to us and receive FREE 12 Months LandLord Insurance. 

New – This Promotion now available to every suburb in Brisbane in 2018.



Some of the things our landlords can now access through their 24/7 on-line portal includes:

  • The current financial status of all your properties
  • All historical statements and copies of attached bills
  • All general scanned documents attached to the owners folio
  • Photos and details for the property and tenancy
  • Financial activity graph
  • Activity summaries for jobs and inspections
  • ———————————————————————————————————————————————

Regular property inspection reports with every room & area inside and out checked. Our reports are detailed with photos plus we also offer the option of a Free video and even a live ‘FaceTime’ walk through to discuss issues that are important to you.


Compare Brisbane Property Management Fees .We have prepared a table which shows standard weekly, tax deductible, Brisbane management fees including GST to assist in comparing the costs of an agency’s fees. The difference between a high-quality agency and a cut price agency could be less than a coffee a week.

$400     $500     $600     $700     $800      $1000  <-Rent
5.50%   $22.00  $27.50  $33.00  $38.50  $44.00  $55.00  
6.60%   $26.40  $33.00  $39.60  $46.20  $52.80  $66.00  
7.70%   $30.80  $38.50  $46.20  $53.90  $61.60  $77.00
8.80%   $35.20  $44.00  $52.80  $61.60  $70.40  $88.00


We understand that you are putting your investment in our hands and that it requires individual and personalized attention.

Phone our  Business Development Manager Stephanie Shepherd for details 0420 46 46 46

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